One day, we have wished to make sense of our life: Create a wine so good that by drinking it you feel beaming with friendship and kindness. One would taste a terroir. One would essentially feel all the work of Nature.

Before arriving at the vineyard in 2017, Sylvain was winemaker in the Médoc and Aude worked in a wine store close to Saint Emilion. Our paths crossed on the Argentinian viticultural lands at the foot of the Andes Cordillera. Hailing from the Bordeaux region and Corrèze, we had gone to discover wines from elsewhere. L'Astré is the result of our meeting and our shared passion.

We grow grapes on the border between Dordogne and Gironde in the Purple Périgord. Our vines flourish on a limestone cliff in a hilly landscape at an altitude of 80 meters above the Dordogne valley, protected by a forest.

The vineyard counts 8 hectares in one piece area on a clay-limestone soil: 1.70 ha of Sémillon + 6.20 ha of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon which average age is 35 years. The planting density is 5000 vines per hectare.

The winery is in organic farming since 2012 and we have chosen to accentuate this orientation by implementing a biodynamic approach.

All our wines are vinified as naturally as possible with natural yeasts with little manipulation on the harvest, and aged in old barrels.

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Vintage extremely humid from winter to spring, with a radiant sun and high temperatures in summer and autumn, thus ensuring a fine vintage.


Vintage marked by a late frost in the spring, a hot summer with very little rain, and a mixed sky with little moisture during the harvest.

bouteille cuvée pèlroge


2017 2018

Peau Rouge

Red wine, 85% Merlot + 15% Cabernet Sauvignon (15% whole bunches for Merlot).

Natural yeast, short maceration with little manipulation on the harvest. Winemaking in steel tanks (6-7 months). Just a touch of sulfur at bottling (1.5g/hl).

A bright ruby announces the balance of this wine: freshness and greediness ... Basket of acidulous red fruits, floral notes, spices such as liquorice and a minty touch are revealed with a frank attack and already sweet tannins, the promise of a digestible and elegant wine.

bouteille cuvée flamenc


2017 2018


Rosé wine, 50% Sémillon + 30% Cabernet Franc + 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Natural yeast, direct pressing, white and red grapes mixed, light racking. Winemaking (AF + MF) in old barrels (6-7 months). Just a touch of sulfur at bottling (1.5g/hl).

In a salmon color, this elegant and fresh rosé is destined to original wine pairings ... Dominated by orange peel and tangy red fruits notes, this gourmet nectar offers a controlled acidity and a vinous touch for the pleasure of the taste buds.

bouteille cuvée Edat d'aur

Edat d'Aur

2017 2018

Golden Age

Sémillon 100%.

Natural yeast, Direct pressing, Light racking, Regular lees stirring, Winemaking (AF + MF) and aging on lees in old barrels (12 months). Just a touch of sulfur at bottling (1.5g/hl).

Straw yellow, this wine surprises by its aromatic palette: ripe fruits such as pineapple and apricot, minerality and a slight oxidative touch. This sensation continues on the palate and reaches a great mouthfeel with its seductive volume. A few years of storage will sublime this sémillon.

No filtration nor fining prior to bottling.

bouteille cuvée Réjane



Réjane : In tribute to our daughter.

Macerated white wine, Sémillon 100%.

Macerated white wine, Sémillon 100%.

Natural yeast, whole grape maceration during 15 days in steel tanks, pressing, winemaking (AF+MF) and aging in terracotta jars for 6 months. Just a touch of sulfur at bottling (1.5g/hl).

Slightly orange, Réjane won’t leave you indifferent. Anise, gentian, quince and white pepper notes are revealed on the nose as well as in the mouth, with a velvety texture resulting from the maceration and the aging in jar. A gentle salinity together with an elegant bitterness make you want a second sip.

No filtration nor fining prior to bottling.

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